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Property Inspection FAQs

Q: What are the steps for someone who would like to become an inspector?

A: Please click here to fill an online application form if you are interested in becoming an inspector for UNPPG. Once your application is received, someone from Vendor Management will review it and contact you if there is an opening in the area that you said you could cover.

Q: I am a client; will I be notified when the inspection is completed?

A: Almost all inspection results are uploaded to the client's system automatically if the initial order was made from a downloaded file. All the inspection results that have passed through our internal quality control process are available on our website. You can choose to print the results or forward them to a third party based on your needs. You will find different reports on the website to know vacant properties, damaged properties, those that have newly reported issues and an array of others. Several clients utilize these reports to know their vacant results on a daily basis.

Q: Will the inspector conduct the inspection from a car?

A: UNPPG will not do drive-by inspections! You should note that making contact might not be feasible on bankruptcy inspections. However, for all the other inspections, the inspector will walk around the property during the inspection to make sure that it is secure and that the property has not been damaged.

Q: Does UNPPG provide full interior inspections?

A: After the initial securing of a property has been completed and a lockbox is in place, the interior inspection can be conducted. UNPPG automatically initiates an interior inspection on properties if the inspection is not a bankruptcy inspection and when the lockbox has been installed.

Q: Are UNPPG inspectors authorized to discuss the status of loans with mortgagors during inspections?

A: UNPPG inspectors are not provided with the status of a loan. The only information that they are given is an order to conduct an inspection with explicit instructions on making contact or otherwise. If the inspector has instructions to make contact, making contact would only facilitate a means of providing the mortgagor with a contact card, which has a name and a phone number. UNPPG's inspectors have undergone training and they know that their duty is only to confirm occupancy and inform the mortgagor to contact the mortgage company through the information provided on the contact card.

Q: Can UNPPG conduct FHA inspections within prerequisite 25-35 day timeframe?

A: UNPPG has an automated system that initiates downloaded inspection and schedules such inspections to be due with the 25-35 day timeframe required for FHA loans. The system also has specific milestones that must be reported to ensure that inspections are on track to be finished in line with the investor guideline.

Q: Is it necessary to provide inspectors with the scope of work when conducting insurance loss inspections?

A: UNPPG likes all new insurance loss orders to be accompanied by a scope of work for the repairs being carried out on the property. This is considered important because the inspector can utilize it to conduct a comprehensive inspection and check all the places that the inspection is supposed to cover.

Q: Will I get photos on insurance loss inspections?

A: Absolutely. UNPPG would make photo of the repairs in progress as well as photos of completed repairs available to you.

Q: Will mortgagors be able to sign off on the result of the insurance loss inspection?

A: UNPPG's inspectors will fill out a form on insurance loss orders with details on the percentage of the finished repairs and unfinished repairs. When the form has been completed, they will ask the mortgagor to sign off on the form. You will be able to view the signed form after it has passed through quality check and billed.