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HUD Occupancy Mailers

HUD Occupancy Mailers are used in making efforts to contact borrowers in order to ascertain the occupancy status of a property.

A HUD Occupancy Mailer is dispatched to a property address when its loan is long overdue and attempts to reach the borrower are futile. The first step is to place an initial inspection order after which UNPPG dispatches postcards in trying to make contact with the borrower to ascertain occupancy before conducting a visual inspection in line with HUD guidelines.

The HUD Occupancy Mailer implores the borrower to call a toll free number to ascertain if the property is occupied or otherwise. The toll free number links the borrower with a UNPPG call center that is dedicated to HUD mailer contacts only. The inspection order would be cancelled if the borrower successfully makes contact. This is meant to be a continuous process inasmuch as the property is delinquent until its vacancy has been confirmed.

All the costs associated with the printing, postage and maintenance of the toll free phone line is borne by UNPPG.